Healthy food & supplements from banana flowers with love from Madeira.

The new superfood

Banana hearts (or banana flowers, banana blossoms) are the new superfood according to The Guardian. Whether we believe in this or not, one thing is for sure, many health benefits are attributed to them. Banana blossoms have high nutrition values in proteins, fibres and calcium, magnesium, potassium, just to mention a few and it is possible to prepare delicious dishes from them.

The banana flower

The banana flowers, the ingredients for our Madeira Banana Hearts project lie in front of our feet and as part of our commitment to contribute to the global climate action and support creating sustainable communities we just have to pick them up and use them. Therefore, we use the banana blossom as a meat/fish replacement ingredient and create dishes with the local, regional tastes that are delicious, create snacks and fusion meals.

Who we are

As conscious consumers, our mission is to create sustainable, healthy and allergy-free food with smart use of regional resources. From Madeira, for Madeira and to the world. Our healthy food products are not only to be sold on the local market but to grow the regional economy also shipped to the mainland and to export markets.

The founder of Madeira Banana Hearts, Linda, is an innovative project leader with a strong legal background. She is a serial entrepreneur and has more than 20 years of experience in leading, launching, and driving strategic projects to successful outcomes.

Helping the local communitiy

Regional resources are used smartly at the creation of value-added food products

More income for the local banana farmers, as we are using parts of the bananas that previously were thrown away

Creating workplaces and income for our region by producing our products in Madeira

Supporting conscious consumption by helping to reduce meat consumption, to replace meat/fish with banana blossom

Teaching the locals how to integrate the banana blossom to their daily diet, for a healthier and more sustainable life 

Our Products

Banana Blossom Pow[d]er

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Pickled Banana Hearts

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